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Sep 17, 2012 6:00pm PDT
families of the four americans killed in libya last week. including ambassador chris stevens who grew up in piedmont. >> and the man behind the film lives in cerritos. >> to presidential politics now tonight mitt romney trying to deflect charges he doesn't care about average americans and the president announce aid new action against china. and there is romney in los angeles today, a sid vo showing him telling wealthy donors half believe they're entitled to support. and in los angeles saying the president only reacted after his ad suggest jobs were being lost to china. >> if i knew all it would have taken was running an ad, boy have run one a long time ago. >> the president says romney outsourced to china. >> and and i like to walk the walk. >> and and the state of nevada is considering a swing state in the fall election and tonight a pro-romney group is spending $1 million there an an ad suggesting president obama is against nevada's number one industry. sit your voice and your vote. >> there ad uses the president's own words. >> president obama says... >> don't blow a bunch of cash on veg
Sep 14, 2012 6:00pm PDT
attacks on the u.s. embassy and violence in egypt, libya and in parts of the middle east. and amina from the islamic network group says kids seem to suffer the most. >> daughter of bin laden, daughter of saddam. every time it's translated on the playground or school hall autos today the mayor led a planned event aimed at stopping bullying in bay area school autos promoting knowledge of american muslims was part of that was part that have summit. and a few hours ago the house of representatives passed a bill to avoid more sol lind dras. the company that went bankrupt last year, legislation pulls a plug on a program guaranteeing loans for clean and renewable energy products. they closed doors after getting half a billion dollars in loans from the federal government. lawmakers named this bill no more sol lind dras act. >> and final preparations underway for space shuttle's final voyage over the bay area and to a museum in los angeles. and there is thursday will do a flyover in mountain view. and the shuttle will fly over san francisco, and go near the golden gate bridge. >> that is fun. >>
Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm PDT
the u.s. consulate in libya. this is now established it was, in fact a terrorist assault. >> we're going to show you scenes from a silent >>> this weekend a chance to watch history, maybe go back in time. >> this is pretty cool, actually. wayne freedman learned it's a part of marin county history. >> if you visit a public library never assume the places are only about book autos they are not. they're about information they're about history. they're about life. >> and silent movies. the marin county free library they can search and pull hundreds of files and photos and talk about a silent movie. >> this is a respected film journal of the day said solemn jane, a masterpiece. >> chances are you never heard of it or the california motion picture corporation. nor have most residents around center and k streets in san rafael but old maps and historians tell a story how in 1914 had there was a state of the art operation here. >> there is a stage in the background there. >> and there is one print remains. it will be showing it on sunday sunday night. >> it's a different viewing experience.
Sep 12, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. >> this is unexpected considering how well liked the ambassador was in libya. and how effective he has been. >> he was fluent in arabic, a language he began to learn in the peace corps. >> one of the thing that's impressed me last in libya was listening to stories from people who are old enough to traveled and studied in the united states back when we had closer relations. those days are back. >> he was a history major at cal and a 1989 graduate of hastings. one professor was still in touch with him. >> he went to go save his own people. he didn't have to do that. he could have sent marines. he didn't have to go in there. he chose to try to save his people and that is just what is he all about. >> he was a 1978 graduate of piedmont high school. he was active in the theater department. he loved tennis, and running and his friends. >> after he had been appointed on facebook he was staying in touch with people and never lost ability to just reach out to people and be great. >> and he says his brother tom, says chris never married and spent final weeks of his life in sweden in a friend
Sep 13, 2012 6:00pm PDT
was an ex-navy s.e.a.l. as well as a sniper and had been in libya just a week. >> glenn was an amazing human being and we're devastated. and he was a great friend and brother. and really good at his job. and this is a huge loss for everyone. he's a hero to us. >> abc news learned doherty was on an intelligence mission finding and destroying weapons taken from military installations after the fall of muammar gaddafi. >> abc 7 news spoke to one of ambassador steven's closest friends, a un mediator who worked with chris stevens and currently a visiting scholar at uc berkeley. and described his friend as a humanist. >> chris is one of the people with. many of us who have an interest in languages and the way people see the rest of the world. he took great pride inputting himself in understanding their culture. the way they approached issues. he was born into this work. >> and he is the first u.s. ambassador to be killed since 1979. >> the federal reserve announced a series after gresive actions to once again stimulate the u.s. economy. investing $40 billion to prop up securities bac
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5